Love Show

Love Show
september 6:59:42 by Riley Luna on Hic et Nunc marketplace

Indigo and cobalt blues define Riley's collections across OpenSea, Foundation and Empty streets dimly lit and midnight skies convey a sense of calm in roaming when the city sleeps.

"Photography for me is partly about portraying the mystery and essence of beauty. Subjectivity, impactful thought, and feeling is everywhere and I want you to at least have a chance. I want you to share the raw basic and complex human emotion with everyone else who took that extra moment to stop and truly look at art through curious eyes. The sheer act of feeling, is beauty in itself, come grab a slice."

Riley Luna

Artist x photographer
Light is my medium. If you feel anything from my show, let me know.

Kairos translates to 'a time when conditions are right for the accomplishment of a crucial action/the opportune and decisive moment.' It is inscribed into the description of Riley's genesis artwork on the Foundation marketplace.

'a love letter to you, art, and our kairos' by Riley Luna on Foundation marketplace
the frontpiece of my
"a love letter to
and our kairos"
infinitely outward
infinitely inward

The artist is crowned with a tiara, commonly worn as a symbol of femininity or victory and embraced in a love shaped patterned blanket holding a trio of flowers. With the artist's face shrouded, the portraits symbolism takes centre stage.

A collection by the same name, 'A love letter to you, art, and our kairos' on OpenSea is home to 11 soft blue artworks. Each artwork expresses deeply felt emotions, translating what's felt inside for the viewer to feel too.

"You don't need to have high expectations, you just need the will to create despite the fear."
Untitled I by Riley Luna on OpenSea marketplace 
"there's a place I've been going
we go there to feel the warmth and create
the light there is a loom of softness
that seeps."

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