Happy 1st Birthday!

Happy 1st Birthday!

The MintFace website is 1 year young this week and to celebrate we have refreshed our site building in three brand new areas from the artist features over the last year.

New Categories

You asked for better sorting of different art by category so we listened. You can now view art by 1/1s, photography, generative art or latest news easily.  

MintFace photography category

New NFT Skills YouTube Channel

There is a new NFT Skills YouTube channel featuring videos to help your frens get confident with NFTs.

MintFace Support Membership

Having so many supporters of the MintFace platform makes it possible to keep featuring artists and provide opportunities to be seen.

It is completely optional to become a membership because you literally get nothing different!

Instead, your support is an acknowledgment that you get value what we do, and would like us to keep going.

You can become a MintFace supporter today or drop 0.05 eth to mintface.eth and your membership will be upgraded.