The Punk #5537 Giveaway

The Punk #5537 Giveaway
The Punk#5537 Giveaway by NFTsAnonymous

Giveaways done properly uses a 'Generate Random Number' in your Smart Contracts. ChainlinkVRF are most trusted way to run a giveaway because they're a provably-fair and verifiable source of randomness designed for smart contracts.

"I'm going to do it not matter how many people mint it." said NFTsAnonymous.

NFTsAnonymous decided to create a community based on values of the people he'd like to hang around the campfire with. NFTsAnonymous values are:


To kick off the giveaway, he decided to give away his punk. Punk #5537. Most giveaways of punks aren't real... almost all of them. I checked the LarvaLabs site to see whether Punk #5537 was in a wrapped contract.

LarvaLabs Punk #5537 got wrapped

Seeing the transaction history gives a lot of confidence that a giveaway might actually happen. By this stage ...over 200 people were live on NFTsAnonymous Twitter Spaces. There was excitement...but there was also a palpable level of concern. 

Getting Serious

A few of the participants tried to talk NFTsAnonymous out of giving away his punk, worth at least 100 eth. He explained that it wasn't possible because the contract was set by the dev in the smart contract to auto execute the giveaway at 9pm EST.

C.A.M.P Badge

Each CAMP Badge was a chance to win the punk. Plus even if you didn't win, the badge gave you access to the CAMP Discord community. Cool people with a drive to take things in a different direction. Sure, many say that... but when you actually get the tech right...and giveaway something so significant... you know that the project founder is on the same journey.

Five CAMP badges for five entries.

Gas at 35,000 ft

Unfortunately gas got expensive and it made it difficult for people to participate. Under 2,000 were eligible at 9PM EST when the smart contract automatically executed and drew the winners. Shamdoo bought a plenty in groups of 20...

The numbers were against NFTsAnonymous. 2000 mints @ 0.08 eth is 160 eth...enough to cover the cost of the Punk... but not enough to fill up the coffers for the broader CAMP objectives...yet.

"The fact that you capped it at the 24 hours, even though it didn't mint out, says a lot about you." said one person in the Twitter Spaces.

But wait there's more...

NFTsAnonymous didn't simply want to giveaway his punk. He wanted to challenge the norm and make the NFT community consider what's more important than eth... its giving back to the community. Soooo...

He also gave away a BAKC, a MAYC, A Pixel Vault Founders Crystal AND a BAYC. Collectively they're worth 73 eth.

Four more given away


Community vs Rugs

It is difficult for new NFT collectors and artists to tell which art projects might be rugs and which ones are legit. Signals of quality are difficult to discern from noise that is designed to feel like its legit.

What NFTsAnonymous has done is establish his CAMP legitimacy up front on a number of levels.

  1. Giving away significant NFT assets, while not advisable, will put him on the same plane as many of those who decided to join the CAMP community. Aligned principal / agent situations are almost always better.
  2. Creating a 'never been done before' event is something the NFT community loves. New gets talked about, after I am writing this out.
  3. A Twitter Spaces of almost 800 people set the stage as the NFT community joined to support NFTsAnonymous as we started asking ourselves 'could we stomach a giveaway like this?'
  4. NFTsAnonymous believes he'll get a punk again. He knows that its possible in digital art and NFT's to start again and get going. Few do it on purpose making this even more significant.

Winners drawn.

Etherscan transaction record

Last word to NFTsAnonymous.

"I still have some assets and a lot of friends and that to me is more valuable. To be able to offer those life changing moments and experiences. That's what I'm here for." says NFTsAnonymous.

CAMP Badge

Pick up your C.A.M.P Badge to access the community ongoing of over 2,000 of us ongoing.

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