Geodetica Collection

Geodetica Collection

Purchase a Geodetica by MintFace for 0.05 eth.

"Geodetica documents the shortest visual path between human and machine. AI was invited to interpret 100 artwork titles from the Geodetic Moments collection minted a year ago" says MintFace.

Geodetica Collection

The Geodetica collection asks AI to reinterpret the very first collection I minted using only the description of each artwork as the base material. Each NFT includes the prompt that created the artwork so you can attempt to recreate, remix and relive your own Geodetic Moment.

Geodetica collection

What Frens Are Saying

Geodetica is the first of its kind AI derived collection… …drawing prompt inspiration from artwork descriptions created a year ago.…in a first for an NFT collection… …to layer up an entirely new collection. Here are what frens are saying:


Geodetica Availability

There are 100 artworks in the Geodetica collection.

66 have sold. 35 are listed and available including:

#9 "Is your shadow in the way or is your shadow the way? Don't be afraid to step into your whole self. You get to be part of the forming landscape too."
#14 "Why are you not here yet?"
#25 "The path is long and winding."
#61 "You might see one person in the distance on the path. That is enough to know you are not alone."
#69 "Remember that. Focus in on the details."
#73 "It isn't the view, it is the lines and the colours that make the moment."
#83 "A devastating volcanic eruption also brings burnt ochre to our skies."
#91 "The home straight. You could be anywhere."

Geodetica Availability

Collection Technicals

Collection: Geodetica
Artworks: 100 1/1s
Price: 0.05 eth

Smart Contract: Manifold 0xf6f44f3dde8ea78a3f49f78eeca339ffa17b2933

Geodetica Smart Contract on Manifold

Geodetica Competition

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