Geodetic Moments

Geodetic Moments features 100 photographs captured 'in absentia'.

Geodetic Moments
Geodetic Moment #95 of 100 by MintFace on OpenSea

Geodetic Moments features 100 photographs captured 'in absentia'.

Each Geodetic Moment places the viewer at the centre of a world where a person that is loved is absent.

You cannot forget them, yet you cannot move on either.

You may know that person. You may be that person.

Geodetic Moments create a place and a space to feel a temporary sense of respite from the absence. Explore the many emotions that comes from loss through the lens of a single vantage point.

There is also a dedicated website that goes deeper into each artwork, navigating the traits and how to participate in your country if it speaks to you.

"You might see one person in the distance on the path. That is enough to know you are not alone."
Geodetic Moment #61 on OpenSea
"Strength is at the core."
Geodetic Moment #86 on Foundation

#86 got sent to the burnt address to be reminted as 'Geodetic Moment' on Foundation. It is the apex moment of the collection.

Geodetic Moment #69 on OpenSea
"Remember to focus in on the details."

#69 is the first photo I looked at in Lightroom and thought 'yeah, this is the aesthetic for the Geodetic Moment narrative'.

The Geodetic Moments collection was created by MintFace over the last six months, beginning during 'JPEG summer' of 2021 and completing on Wednesday 16th February 2022.

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