Process Over Progress

Process Over Progress
Underworld by Gabriella Morton on Foundation

Gabriella Morton revealed her first mint today in more than nine months, after an unexpected accident led her down a different path.

"We often get so fixated on the destination that we forget to enjoy the process." Gabriella Morton

'Ideologies' by Gabriella Morton is a collection that aims to communicate metaphorical concepts by reformatting them for visual learners.

Gabriella's source of inspiration is her 'fascination for our natural world'. She has travelled to the far stretches of Iceland's northern lights from her hometown in Auckland, New Zealand in the pursuit of putting to pixels a compelling narrative around sustainability.

Kaleidoscope by Gabriella Morton minted May 17th, 2021
"The Northern lights are our planet's defensive mechanism against the sun. This geomagnetic field is created by the molten lava that churns away in Earth’s core. It’s invisible until the sun’s plasma interacts with our atmosphere. Once we see the earth as a living being that provides us with oxygen, nutrients, and shelter we can comprehend her beauty on an entirely new level."

Very little new work has been minted by Gabriella over the last 9 months as she recovered from a significant accident that left her hospitalised and then at the beginning of a long recovery period. 'The accident gave me the gift of time' she says  with radiating optimism.

Her latest work dances with the metaphorical concepts of the moon as a desirable destination, the ladder as the upwards climb and how a subject might approach each. From Gabriella's vantage point, we see through her eyes that while the moon may be close enough to make out the craters, the subject is not looking longingly towards the moon. Instead, the subject may be carrying the burden of the climb, the expectation that goes with it or is completely unaware of the moon destination and is simply enjoying the process. This is only one interpretation.

The beauty of Gabriella's work is so much can be inferred with so few visual elements.

enroute by Gabriella Morton from the Idealogies collection

We were treated to a live conversation with Gabriella and a reveal of 'enroute' from the 'Ideologies' collection in the om Gradient gallery.

om Art Show reveal by Gabriella Morton

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