Foundation Friday Artists

Foundation Friday Artists
Dance in the middle of the night by ta2funk

Foundation Friday helps get eyes on 👀 digital art on the Foundation marketplace. Let's get as many bids live 🧨 on Friday, so that by the end of the weekend, artists have sold a Foundation artwork.

Foundation Friday is about supporting artists by...

🧨 1. Hit The Artist Follow Button on Foundation.
🧨 2. Tweet your art with #FoundationFriday or RT an artist post.
🧨 3. Make a bid if the art moves you.

💥 Bonus Rule: Play 'bid roulette' and share your bid on Twitter if you dare.

More background in this Foundation Friday article.

Here is a sample of some of the art available this Foundation Friday. Find more on the Twitter hashtag #FoundationFriday.

Anand Krishnan - The lantern of the dawn
Dream works - Rachel Stewart
Ethereal Gorges - Saahil Rahman
Mangrove Forest - The Lungs Of The Earth by Anilt Prabhaker


Work of Art - Udit
Doppelganger - Truptys
Somnium - Tommy Le Strange

Ethereum Butterflies by Ronggowisnu

Dream by Abhishek C Jayaprakash 

Ember - Tyler's Journey

Upside Down // Mirrors and Blindspotting // Mirrors by Jason Wong
Skater Park by Ross Farnham
Baptism of Light by ThinSlicePhoto

Contradiction Vol. 2 by Hossein Izaadi
 Daily Leo by Daily Creatics
Sunday Morning by Artund

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