Transcendence by Katerina Armstrong on Foundation marketplace

Katerina Armstrong caught my attention as an artist from Aotearoa (New Zealand) who listened and watched....before Katerina minted a single thing. I asked her 'wen mint' and she promised it was coming, but Masters study came first. Fair enough. Now it's here.

Her genesis series is aptly titled 'Emerge'.

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Katerina Armstrong - Māori | Visual storyteller seeking meaning, while trying to evoke calmness & curiosity.

"Three photographs that represent a sense of awakening, transcendence and clarity. These pieces mean the world to me and I hope someone out there may resonate with them." says Katerina.
Emerge genesis series by Katerina Armstrong on Foundation

Let's look at her first work first (of course) 'Awakening'.

"The fragile dance between destruction and creation is something I hold close to my heart. While not as powerful as volcanic activity, it is in these moments of letting go where we allow new growth to flourish." says Katerina.
Awakening by Katerina Armstrong on Foundation marketplace

"Awakening represents a sense of release and a new beginning. The world of being immersed in different cultures and landscapes grabbed a hold of me in a way that I wasn’t quite expecting, I became further detached from my world back home and chose to let it go." says Katerina.

This takes me back to my travelling around northern Thailand where farmers burn off the old crop to start afresh. I travelled there for a couple of months at a time to reconnect with the simplicity of life away from the normal world. Zooming out more, maybe the nature of these tectonic eruptions is to destroy the perfect that enables the impossible.

What do you feel when staring at Awakening?

Keep reading Katerina's story of her work on this tweetstorm.

Awakening by Katerina Armstrong on Foundation marketplace

Connecting Good With Art

Katerina's entry into the world of NFT's creates more than a connection between her art, her story and you the collector. Each artwork collected, creates a new pathway to fund survivors of sex trafficking in East Java. Each rescued Javanese girl gets to re-engage her education, dream about her future, & is returned to the community thanks to Compassion First.

Go follow Katerina's journey as a New Zealand based Creative Dreamer on Foundation.

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