Dr. Abstract

Dr. Abstract
Dynamic by CrazyDoc in the Dr. Abstract collection on OpenSea marketplace

Glorious art makes us feel something, even when our brain struggles to make sense of what we are seeing. Our brain deconstructs elements or groups colours, lines and shapes together in an effort to answer the question 'what does this remind me of?' When it finds a match in its archives of memories, feelings and nostalgia, we experience something. That is the gift of abstract art.


Doctor by profession and a passionate, self-taught abstract artist.

CrazyDoc has released 100 digital abstract artworks to tickle our brains.  

"I made this series of artworks comprising of elements based on human experiences expressed in the form of shapes, textures and gestures put together. The purpose of my artworks is to make the observer feel the art itself with their minds rather than their eyes." says CrazyDoc.
Vivid Thoughts by CrazyDoc on OpenSea marketplace

Each collection of shapes is intricately edged. The circles of Vivid Thoughts are perfectly round, the horizontal lines streaming a right handed sweep of vermillion across the watercolour paper. I see PacMan, or with its attention to the Pac-dots to the left, maybe this is 'PhacMan.' A third look and Vivid Thoughts turns into a giant question mark, or is it an exclamation mark? What do you see?

CrazyDoc started the Dr. Abstract Collection on 21st September 2021 with 'Pacific.'

Pacific by CrazyDoc in the Dr. Abstract Collection on OpenSea marketplace
"I’ve never been to the ocean but this gives me ocean vibes 🌊" says CrazyDoc.

On the 22nd October 2021, a 1/1 artwork titled '6529 (Dark Edition)' was created for a 6529 Fam Gallery invitational.

The artwork was accepted for curation and can be viewed at the 6529 Fam Gallery in the top right of a grid of four artworks with an ashen pallete.

6529 (Dark Edition) by CrazyDoc in the 6529 Fam Collection on OnCyber

Looking at three artworks side by side, there are shapes made from a collection of dots, a fan of lines, a stream of colour or a dual coloured, double banded 'O' shape. 'Ride on Sunset' is related to 'Peace & Worth' and 'Path of Thoughts' through the narrative created by the shapes.

Yes, every interpretation is open for re-interpretation. What you see and feel will probably be entirely different. That is the beauty of abstract art.

Dr. Abstract Collection by CrazyDoc on OpenSea marketplace

Ride On Sunset comes with a description that connects what CrazyDoc feels with the art, and maybe to the collector too.

"Remembering the days when I went for long drives for watching sunsets. Watching sunsets is a way of healing . To be touched by the last warm rays by the end of the day , I choose to move towards a brighter light." says CrazyDoc.

We have been here before thanks to the work of Wassily Kandinsky who was born 155 years ago almost to the day on December 16th 1866. Kandinsky viewed abstract art as the ideal visual mode to express the 'inner necessity' of the artist and to convey universal human emotions and ideas.

From a collectors perspective, almost half of the Dr. Abstract Collection has already been acquired, leaving 50 ish to go. As you've experience above, abstract art almost certainly gets better when displayed in groups of two, three or more. That means, if 15 - 20 collectors feel what CrazyDoc is expressing, the collection will be sold out.

Vibing Colors by CrazyDoc in the Dr. Abstract Collection on OpenSea
"I used primary colours for this abstract art which bring strong, powerful and beautiful vibes which originates from these vibrant colours." 💙💛❤️ says CrazyDoc.

Unlike photography or generative art, hand-drawn brushstrokes are literally the signature of the artist. The expressiveness and connectedness of elements within each artwork are made by the hand and felt by the heart. We get to feel some of what CrazyDoc feels, through each artwork.

Another Dr. Abstract example. Valiant. The form of the central element is stoicly angular. While the style is a departure from what we've seen so far, those hand-drawn elements connect us back to the artist.  

"Honouring two bold colours associated with strong expression , Red being the symbol of Bold and Valiant traits paired together with modest and mysterious Black elevates this piece of artwork which is fierce yet determined." says CrazyDoc.

The most human of characteristics is to express our feelings and hold space for others to express their feelings towards us. Each of the artworks in the Dr. Abstract collection is a gift that rewards both desires.

Find the one that matches best with your deepest emotions in the Dr. Abstract collection.

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