Dark Thoughts

Dark Thoughts
Protection by Lee Acaster on the Foundation marketplace

Dark thoughts is a hint to the story of the scenes captured by Lee Acaster.

"I leave it to the viewer to decide what the story is." says Lee.

'Sinking' describes the light at the end of the tunnel revealed by standing under the well known Southwold pier in the United Kingdom. Most familiar pier photos are taken from a distance, wide angled to place it in context of its surroundings. Insted, 'Sinking' goes below deck to reveal a different perspective.

Sinking by Lee Acaster on Foundation

If Lee asks us to decide what the story is...my take is 'Sinking' is actually floating...and while for artists, NFT's might feel like sinking to begin , eventually you will float in the unlimited depths of the decentralised world we're all building.

Lee's work has a consistent feel across the Foundation collection even as it has grown to 47 artworks. That is possible by collectors who rewarded his ability to communicate a story through images.

I like to scroll back on an artists profile and guess why an earlier work hasn't sold... yet. Here's one.

'Detained' by Lee Acaster on Foundation
"Fearful of going in, but too afraid to stay outside." - Detained description.

Detained was minted way back on July 16th 2021 and was listed for 2.50 eth. Now matching more recent sales at 0.25 eth, Lee has found where the market values his collection, at least for a first sale.  

"Living on the Norfolk and Suffolk border, most of my images take their inspiration from the low lying beauty of the East Anglian landscape. Rather than recording a view as a photographic record, I strive to add my own interpretation and a little drama to the images I shoot." says Lee.

The genius of Lee's work lies as much in the titles of each work as it does in the image. Each word a powerful catalyst for emotionally charging the image.


Before this list looks too much like my 12 word seed phrase I'll stop 😂.

Adding an Airdrop

We love free in NFT land and the word we have come to associate with free is 'airdrop'. If you like the Dark Thoughts series enough to acquire one, you get to pick a matching Shingle Street from his OpenSea series.

"After my first visit several years ago, I became fascinated with the constantly changing landscape and light of this eerie and lonely place." says Lee.

How good is Oasis.

Oasis #9 from the Shingle Streets collection by Lee Acaster on Opensea

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