Cuteness & Pain

Cuteness & Pain
Impermanence by Haru Komoda illustrates the benefits of deploying art on your own smart contract.

Art deserves to be free and as expansive as an ocean for collectors, however the OpenSea filter system doesn't immerse us fully in the metaverse. Haru Komoda has thought ahead and curated their collection into three OnCyber galleries.

Midnight Sun
Moon in the middle day

Haru Komoda
Founder of HAKABOCHI. HAKABOCHI is an art production team based in Tokyo. My works are minted at my own contracts.

The scenery in front of you.
What's there tomorrow?
The scenery behind you.
Who will be there tomorrow?

Impermanence by Haru Komoda on Async Art marketplace updates each hour in a 24 hour cycle.

Midnight Sun OnCyber Gallery 

The first artwork I discover is Gaze #2, one of eight in the hand-drawn series. Haru draws the lines on paper with pen and hand colors the exquisitely bright shaped menagerie of symbols inside. One panel along is Watch #4, also one of eight in a series that clears the background and digitally adapts the color palette. There are more of the Gaze and Watch series on show in the Silence OnCyber gallery... as well as another character from the GANMEN series named KOON.

GANMEN KOON #3 by Haru Komoda. Series of 11 minted on own contract.

Ganmen Koon's greet us with smiling globules of green, cyan, magenta or yellow surrounding perfect pearly white teeth. Each personality is winged yet blind in their darkened NFT landscape. The hat perches on top of each character, bringing a sense of formality as they make their way through the Metaverse. Are the characters behind the forced smile the real personality?

Ganmen Koon collection by Haru Komoda on an independent smart contract.

The Ganmen Badger is a third character that may have fallen on its sword according to Daikanyama Gallery. "These are a group of works in which badgers appear to have been harakiri. The world view of "Haru Komoda", in which "pain" and "cuteness" coexist, appears in the work.

Ganmen Badger collection by Haru Komoda on an independent smart contract.

Ganmen Badger #10 is the only artwork of the collection currently being offered for sale by a buyer who acquired it from the Daikanyama Gallery on October 6th 2021.

Ganmen Badger #10 by Haru Komoda on an independent smart contract

Haru has a message, and thanks to significant collectors like Punk6529, that message is getting shared in places considered unimaginable when Haru Komoda minted their first NFT on April 2nd 2021.

As the heat of JPEG summer dissipates, and NFT collectors go back inside to the warmth of their screens... Haru introduces a new digital only approach for us to enjoy.

The pain and cuteness of each character is consistently present in this digital only work. The 'Let's Eat' characters are back, along with a clockwise arranged series of new personalities. 'Wen mint' as there is no NFT minted for the digital only... yet.

I encourage you to explore further into Haru Komoda's world.

Everything in your mind.
Everything is in your mind.
I believe only one thing.
Haru Komoda

The past is in my heart

If you are lucky, you might discover more real live artworks that adapt to the natural cycle of our gm and gn hearts.

Follow Haru Komoda on Foundation to bid on the next released work, but expect it to be hotly contested.

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