Crypto Goddess

Crypto Goddess
Crypto Goddess from the In Crypto We Trust collection by Ana Isabel (model Kivenia Ferriera)

Artist Ana Isabel revealed a brand new artwork today titled 'Crypto Goddess'. It was the first LIVE reveal by an artist in the open metaverse known as 'om'.

You can view the Crypto Goddess in the Gradient gallery for the next 24 hours.

We spoke for 30 minutes about Ana's artist journey to date since joining NFTs in March 2021, her work at empowering women in NFTs and the story behind the Crypto Goddess.

Enjoy some of Ana's story shared here.

Ana Isabel

"Crypto Goddess comes from my love of mythology and ancient Goddesses."

We also spoke about the origin story of the symbolism and Ana's connection to the symbols.

"I've been using runes for 20 years. They are magic in stone or wood, they are magic symbols that the Norse in the old days (before the Vikings) used to use. It is their alphabet but it also adds magical symbols. Legend says that Olden sacrificed his eye in hung himself in the tree of life for nine days and nine nights. My first idea was to use runes and carve the Ethereum and Bitcoin symbols into runes. The more I thought about it I decided to use the coins.
"I first wanted to use sorcerers and carving them into clay or stone. The more I thought about it, the gold from the coins would be a better contrast. I wanted to give a magical meaning to the idea of technology and crypto because I believe I am a spiritual person and love to be in nature and wanted to bring that. I wanted to fuse both worlds because I believe both worlds can co-exist."
"I wanted it to be powerful and feminine and show more inclusiveness in the photo. I photographed Crypto Goddess from the Non Fungible conference in Portugal. When I met her in the sessions, she was already interested in Bitcoin. I even told her I can pay you in Ethereum. It was amazing and it worked."

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