Call of Duty

Call of Duty
Call of Duty by Photoyogi on Foundation marketplace

Photoyogi doesn't limit his creativity to a singular style, instead tell his story through photographs across a range of styles. He does have a couple of favourites with aviation and architecture at the top of the list. Although if you search further afield, you'll find more styles such as PhotoYogi's street level photography 1 of 1 editions through his TryShowtime portfolio.

"When it comes to art, I don’t limit myself to any particular style. My works are given a pictorial treatment. I did not receive formal art training, but I was fortunate in that my father was an accomplished pictorial photographer, and when I was younger, I used to assist him with both photography and the darkroom. My father was a mentor to many other photographers, and while watching him mentor others, I picked up some of his advice." says Photoyogi.

Let's take a look at aviation photography where often the most difficult part is gaining access to be able to photography aircraft. Runways have no fly zones so drones are out the question. Getting close enough to the aircraft with a good lens usually means being able to go gate side at the airport. Even then, you're separated from the action with glass and getting on to the tarmac to take a snap isn't something a flight attendant at the gate is going to help you with! Unless you're Photoyogi of course...

Commercial aviation photography by Photoyogi

Photoyogi has on gained tarmac access that photographers can only dream of when it comes to capturing the shiny silver birds of the sky. He established Aviation Photographers India for aviation enthusiasts, and mentors young photographers through the association.

"Speed is the most important thing, the smell of spent aviation fuel, the sounds of screaming jet engines provides the adrenalin rush! You get to meet the smartest minds that go into making these birds fly. The thrill of these magnificent machines with a bit of play of light makes art!" says Photoyogi.

Let's look at the Call of Duty photograph minted on Foundation on August 15th 2021. Much of the detail of the image is obscured by the heavy hanging atmosphere filled with dust, sand or pollution. The circular roundel insignia at the rear of the aircraft is dulled back rendering it's red and white blue almost imperceptible. The same goes for the flag and for the Air Force writing stencilled on the belly of the aircraft.

Call of Duty by Photoyogi on Foundation marketplace

In stark contract, a lone individual, likely a military support staff, draws our eyes towards his slightly bowed head. His purposeful stride rediverting our attention back to their airborne office.  The description reads:

As a tribute to the fallen ones.
When you get home
Tell them of us and say
For your Tomorrow
We gave our Today

If Photoyogi's aim is to tell a story in a single frame, then Call of Duty sets the standard. I'm looking forward to seeing more from Photoyogi's aviation collection as they are minted.

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