Black and White

Black and White
#25 Small details won't change anything by Ovachinsky on OpenSea

Black and white photography hits different. Does our brain fill in the colours? Yes. 'The mere sight of black-and-white photos automatically elicited brain activity patterns that specifically encoded colors.' according to a legit academic paper from the University of Tübingen. What are the implications for you Bored Ape collectors? A grey banana will be processed by your brain as yellow thanks to memory colour (see Decoding the Yellow Banana paper).

Now you know why art in black and white feels different to us. Ovachinsky may be keeping us waiting with his Foundation genesis, but we're able to pick up on his black and white feelz from the LIES Collection of 25+1 artworks on OpenSea.

15+ years of making music and art. Music producer/sound designer. Photographer. Art-Man.

Sorting the collection from oldest to newest gives me the opportunity to read the collection narrative from start to finish. Let's begin with #1.

#1 I'm Not Scared by Ovachinsky. 'There are truths, that turned out to be lies over the years.'

#1 is confrontingly close up and wide eyed, contradicting the artworks title... and perhaps conveying the sense of conjuring up strength despite the body feeling otherwise.

Let's skip a number and head to #3 'we were born poor, we will die poor'

#3 'we were born poor, we will die poor' by Ovachinsky

Could there be a more powerful image expressed in the fewest photographic pixels? The darkness of the sky... the towering lean of a building built with wealth. Most haunting is the photographic angle forcing us to look upwards to what is out of reach from the place many of us began... street level.

If you're hanging out for the happy ending...keep reading.

"Black and white photos perfectly capture the emotions associated with many memories. Despite the cheerful moments, the story as a whole remains colorless. Entering adulthood changed my life, which is reflected in the extra 26th photo." says Ovachinsky.
#26 - No more lies by Ovachinsky

If the first 25 photos documented the thoughts and beliefs weighing heavily on someone to young to believe anything different, the 26th is a anthemic antidote. Go listen (2 mins). There are strings…there is piano filled with staccato hope….and at the 70 second mark, give or take… a crescendo builds as we continue to stare at the beauty of #26 blue sky and the foreverness potential of the expansiveness of landscapes at altitude.

The musical score is also the work of Ovachinsky and here his photographic and sound design expertise combine. #26 deserves a place in an OnCyber gallery if the current collector wants to share beyond the 7" vinyl signed physical, that Ovachinsky sent them.

Art that gives you the feels also takes a little more time to appreciate. So while you're listening to the soundscape of #26, have a browse of the rest of the LIES collection.

The LIES Collection by Ovachinsky

You can never aim too high... goals are important and the smallest of details can make the biggest difference to us and the people around us. LFFFG!🍒

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