Free Being

Free Being
WoW #9805 is the shared pfp for Roya and her friend Arefeh.eth

World of Women #9805 is the freshly updated profile picture (pfp) for artist Roya Ghassemi, also known as @r0yart. Finding our identity in the world of profile pictures is more than a reflection of how we look, it's about where we belong and what we represent. Roya is undoubtedly a pure expression of a powerful feminine energy applied to art.

Roya Ghassemi

I'm an Iraninan-German artist. My artworks act as a tool of expression, a way for me to visually translate the complex ideas that ran through my mind. I talk about freedom and human rights through art.

Some of Roya's own art have a natural affinity for World of Women and vice versa. The art of eye contact sketch focusses on the eyes while Night Goddess includes a full portrait of rarest Night Goddess palette that only 85 WoW pfp's represent.  They're all friends, confidently going forward in the same direction.

👁‍🗨 The art of eye contact 👁‍🗨 by Roya Ghassemi in the Creation of Love collection on OpenSea marketplace

An earlier work, acquired by a collector on November 22nd 2021, is 'Nyx.' Nyx is the female personification of the night, represented in her sparkling eth glory. Watch the delicately added animation for its full effect.

Nyx by Roya Ghasemmi on OpenSea marketplace

"My artworks act as a tool of expression, a way for me to visually translate the complex ideas that ran through my mind." says Roya.

Roya's style was well established before profile pictures became a thing. Roya first minted art on Foundation on April 8th 2021. Titled 'Warrior's Soul,' it contained the description, 'her demands for freedom wasn’t in words, it was a silent protest of living by example.' In the seven months since, Roya has shared messages with us through the symbolism of her work.

Roya Ghasemmi on Foundation marketplace

The 24th portrait to join Roya's collection on Foundation minted 5th December 2021 and is titled 'Her Wings Unfolded.'

Her Wings Unfolded
She is fragile on her storms, the storms are fragile on her wings.

Her Wings Unfolded by Roya Ghassemi on Foundation marketplace

Unfolded wings expand from the subject's skin hollow, a motif that first appeared in the subtlest of ways in 'the creation of love' on May 20th 2021. If clipped wings symbolise constraint, wings unfolded shares an uplifting feeling of limitless possibility.

"I archive my imaginations on papers." Roya Ghassemi.

You can watch the where those imaginations begin through a work in progress 60 second story on Twitter.

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