New Workshop Invitation

New Workshop Invitation

This new workshop is for artists ready to migrate from minting on shared contracts and hot wallets to your own contract minted from a cold hardware wallet.

Digital Artist Economy Weekend Workshop

πŸ—“ Sat 30 - Sun 31st July 2022
Start time: 1:30pm PST (4:30pm EDT, 8:30pm GMT)
Run time: 90 minutes
NFT for workshop access: 1 pixel available on OpenSea.

"Stop risking your artist future minting on shared contracts from hot wallets."

The Weekend Workshop is in response to people already in the NFT space, who have asked for an accelerated and more advanced version of the three week long NFT Digital Artist Economy workshop.

"The Weekend Workshop is designed for artists and collectors looking to extend their knowledge base on NFTs with more advanced topics." MintFace.

πŸ‘ Weekend Workshop Format
The workshop is two LIVE sessions of 90 mins each. The sessions are highly interactive so expect to participate in breakout groups. You will need to allocate 1-2 hours of time to course work between the two sessions.

Topics Covered

By the end of the workshop you will have a setup your own smart contract linked to your hardware wallet. You will have also increased your confidence on launching an art collection, discovering collectors and built a more powerful presence on NFT Twitter.

🧠 Pre-requisites
* A Seize and Share pixel is your event ticket.
* Hot wallet set up and you have bought or sold at least one NFT.
* Hardware wallet (Ledger or Trezor) ready to setup or already setup before the weekend workshop.
* A little eth, 0.05 eth to setup your smart contract and mint NFTs to.

πŸ‘‰ Attendance Access
You need to hold one of either two NFTs to gain access:

1) Seize and Share pixel holders (up to 376 available) guarantees you access to the weekend workshop.
2) Minted Artist featured in the Minted book also gets you a seat at the workshop or you can gift a person of your choice to attend.

Minted book featured artists and Seize and Share pixel holders gets you access to the Weekend Workshop worth $USD199.

If you do not already hold one of these two NFTs, you will need to purchase a Seize and Share pixel to attend. You cannot buy tickets with USD to attend the weekend workshop.