MintFace NFT 2021 Awards

MintFace NFT 2021 Awards

Thursday 28th October 2021

2021 has felt like a decade for people deep into the NFT digital art space. In that time we've seen a boom of interest... a bust of bags... and a second boom that might even represent that chasm crossing that so many dreams are based upon.

While Paris Hilton, Jay Z and Ja Rule bring their celebrity's the people that have been generating art on chain for years that finally get the recognition they deserve.

The NFT 2021 Awards recognises artists, their projects and the people that are represented in their community.

This years NFT Awards will take place on: Thursday 28th October 2021.

The first five awards are:

1. Wagmi Community Contribution Award

A person that can be held up to be a community contributor. This could be helping artists get started... moderating the discourse and chats... building the technology out....or perhaps just someone we can all trust.

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2. Gmi 1/1 Artwork Award

A singular work that represents the pinnacle of creativity by an artist who is leveraging the potential of NFT's in a way that is unmatched in the physical art space.

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3. Most Recognised Artist Award

Most recognised artist is a publicly voted award for the artist that has become most synonymous in the NFT space in 2021.

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4. Gmi Generative Art Award

Generative art that starts and end with what the computers create with the help of code.

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5. Most Rugged Project

A project with the slickest marketing and PR teams... brilliantly executed Twitter influence and a pumping Discord... that last until 2 minutes after the project sold out.

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6. Gmi Undiscovered NFT Artist

Artists in this category have been quietly working on their NFT craft AND have never been an artist prior to minting their work.

Sponsor slot available.

7. Open Slot Award

For the Twitter community to decide.

Sponsor slot available.

8. Open Slot Award

For the OG's of NFT's to decide.

Sponsor slot available.

9. Best Low Effort Art Award

For the lowest effort of all art.

Sponsor slot available.

10. NGMI Art Collector Award

For the person with the least productive on chain art collector provenance history.

Sponsor slot available.

11. 💸One Million Dollar Hands Award

For the art collector that has yet to sell any other their digital art collection, as verified by Etherscan. The Million Dollar Hands Award has proposed and accepted by Sacredvoo.

Ticket Announcement For the NFT 2021 Awards

To attend the NFT 2021 Awards, your ticket to access the event will be purchased by an NFT (of course).

🤑We will announce when tickets go on sale on Twitter and via MintFace (subscribe link)

We are running a competition to create the digital artwork for NFT 2021 Awards.

👉If you would like to take part in creating the digital artwork for the NFT 2021 Awards, please subscribe to MintFace where you will receive the NFT artwork criteria.

📸 If you are a brand new artist that has never minted work and sold it on an NFT marketplace and would like to be considered for the Best Undiscovered NFT Artist, consider joining the next cohort of the Digital Artist Economy workshop.