Artistic Patience

Artistic Patience

Vincent van Gogh received no fame or notoriety until after his death. In his entire life he sold just a single painting for $109. Of course Vincent traded work with other artists along his creative journey.

🧠Which makes me think... how long might an artist wait (and be OK with it) for their first digital artwork sale on an NFT marketplace?

The Red Vineyard, Vincent Van Gogh - Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow

MintFace Sale Feature

Yufereva is a 'self taught artist from harsh Russia.' Her patience in the 1/1 NFT space has paid off, after selling an oil painting, three months after first minting it on Opensea.

The artwork sold for just 0.02 eth, far below any of her more recent work.

солнечный берег by ira_yufereva

Ira Yufereva profile picture on OpenSea

Patience is part of creating and digitally minting artwork for sale. Sometimes, it takes someone to discover what you've been creating in the quiet. Yufereva helped the process by shifting some price levels of earlier work that helped tempt buyers looking for work more than a minute old.

View Yufereva's latest work on OpenSea including the Mustache collection from 0.1 eth.

MintFace Artwork Feature

Brian Minear is the talented artist who creates other worldly atmospheric landscapes derived from lens based work.  

His last works "Blowing Off Some Steam" and "The Pharoah Sleeps" both sold for north of 3.0 eth. Neither of these are the artworks I'm featuring today on MintFace however. I'd like to bring your attention to a scene with more movement called "Breathless."

"It was the last morning of my first trip to Yosemite. After a night of heavy rain, my hopes for one final sunrise were shattered. On the drive out I stopped to take in Tunnel View one last time, and was mesmerized by the fog dancing through the valley. It was like watching ocean waves roll back and forth endlessly, before eventually washing over me. It was the perfect ending to an experience I had wanted to have for so long."

Enjoy the "Breathless" work in all it's auditory and visual glory on the Foundation marketplace. It will transport you to the place Bryan stood when this was captured.

MintFace Artist Feature

Lisa Fogerty aka @NFTLisa, completed her fifth auction called "Seasonal Girls" on Foundation recently. Lisa describes her work as follows:

"My childhood obsession with comic book girls on the pages of old 20s-40s feminist magazines. Mixed media watercolors."

Lisa is based in Stockholm, Sweden and has more than 10 years of experience as an artist and illustrator.A selection of current work for sale can be found on OpenSea (NFTs), Hic et nunc or Showtime.

I found my favourite vintage girl in her back catalogue called "Capricorn". Notice the vintage Swedish newspaper material forming the canvas for Lisa's watercolour.

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