Art on Deca

Art on Deca

Art on Deca has truly created a renaissance of the the creative vibes that first attracted me to NFTs. Through its gallery driven rather than marketplace driven approach to art, it is possible to stumble upon art simply because someone loves it... not just because it has attracted a lot of sales in the last 24 hours.

So todays article is to encourage you to have a look around on the platform.

tl:dr here are three ways to get started.

  1. read the thread MintFace wrote on the possibilities of Deca
  2. view some of the MintFace curated artists on Deca
  3. try Deca out for yourself

Curate What You Like

Anything minted on the blockchain can be curated, whether you own it or not. You can be an art appreciatoooor without having to have deep pockets.

Curate What You Create

For the first time, artists can create their own work into a sequence that is meaningful to them.

Add Context To Curation

Now artists can add context to their work without having to fit it all in the NFT description field. Collectors and curators can also add commentary on why they love a piece.

Get Social Proof

Getting the emojis and views shows that people are enjoying your art although at this stage it is mostly to earn DXP to upgrade Deca artwork levels.

Lay It All Out

You can put all the art you care about in one place no matter what blockchain it exists on. Deca is like the boutique store and the marketplaces are relegated to the role of art warehouse.

Get Deca Artwork by Golid

Deca artwork that is upgradable as you enjoy (grind) browsing Deca. Daily quests unlock ways to earn DXP.

Level up your Deca with DXP points and they transform from simple patterns to an intricate lattice of beauty.

So far, early Decagon artwork numbers and high level Decagons are most sought after... because you know, degens. I am enjoying upgrading a collection of black and yellow Decagons nicknamed the DecaBees. You do you tho.

Join 10K Square on Deca

You can see what people who have the 10K Project NFT are posting on Deca by joining the 10K Project 'Square'. It is token gated, but free as long as you own the 10K Project.


Deca is a blockchain native version of what Instagram set out to be in the very very early days for artists and hipsters. I am very positive on what they are creating here. If you are an artist, it is almost a must to create your own work here. Collectors, you will probably find it enjoyable too. For everyone else, go have a look through some galleries and see if you catch the feels.

Here are ~30 collections I have curated so far at /mint and /punk.

Deca / mint
mint’s Deca profile
Deca / punk
punk’s Deca profile