Fury by Apocalypse on OpenSea marketplace. "The Meeings are beings that live between worlds. Some are visible; others are invisible, and they have all manner of intentions."

30 years of creating art is an immense back catalog of work to begin your NFT journey carrying. The art of Apocalypse is about expressing spiritual truths according to the artist and his focus starts with the battle in our skull.

"My art work is about seeing the un-winnable and ongoing wars, the desperate messes and masses, the endless struggle and striving of humanity β€” and winning through to love, creativity, and metamorphosis in these dark and chaotic times." says Apocalypse.

Dark stuff. There have been many moments where human nature has crescendo'ed into troops gathering at borders for a strongly held belief that conflicts with others. The 20th century were full of them... although far less in the second half and part of a positive downward trend according to Steven Pinker in 'The Better Angels of our Nature.'

Artists can often communicate an emerging narrative of society more clearly than a society can see. The daily look in the mirror of breaking news, hides the deeper undercurrents. 'O.K. MintFace is this anything to do with the art of Apocalypse?' My answer. It's how I'm contextualising the many individuals brushstrokes into depictions of alarm, terror, panic and dread that rise to the surface when viewing the art of Apocalypse. Β 

Walks Among Ruins by Apocalypse on OpenSea marketplace
"She willingly walks in darkness, absorbing it without fear. She blesses, she nurtures, she carries β€” she experiences our pain. In her, the future has already been transformed." says Apocalypse about the Walks Among Ruins artwork.

Walks Among Ruins feels like a fast forward ahead in time, and at the same time a reflection of simpler times depicted in Lotto's Madonna portrait from way back in 1525 give or take a couple of years.

Lotto's Madonna portrait of Mary and Jesus from way back in 1525-1529

There are rays of sunshine in the Apocalypse however, and one came from an unlikely place. Sun Walker started as a 65 edition piece and got burnt down to 17 artworks. Sun Walker places the weary traveller trudging towards a world on fire, hurting in the self inflicted heat from above not below. The pain is our own doing... yet all Sun Walker can do is keep walking.

Sun Walker: 'light from within when the world grows dark; absorbing light from without in the bright gm morning' by Apocalypse on OpenSea marketplace

There is an animated version too with the animated version looping between light from within and light from without according to the artist.

XCOPY acquired a Sun Walker edition on November 18th 2021, forever connecting the provenance of XCOPY's OG crypto journey with the upcoming Apocalypse. These are the little tell tale signs that are a blockchain beauty all of their own.

The apocalypse isn't a cataclysm limited to the digital world either... you can get it shipped right to your door too.

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