Abstract Destinations

Abstract Destinations
Dreamweaver 1 by Sarah C on Foundation

Sarah C - Architecture photography

Sarah has spent more time in the air than most of her passengers as the Captain of a Boeing 777. At the end of her shift, flying three to four hundred people around our special earth, she put aside a little time to explore each destination, far from her New Zealand home. In this article we explore a few of the architectural delights she has lined up.

"I love playing with my architectural images and creating abstracts out of them." Sarah C.
Te Ara Turoa by Sarah C on Foundation 

Air New Zealand's biggest Boeing base can be found in Auckland New Zealand, and Te Ara Turoa is a building found in the same city. Te Ara Turoa, translated into English from its native Te Reo Māori tongue, means 'the journey of enduring light.'

In the buildings heavily modified form, it wouldn't look out of place orbiting the earth at the atmospheric heights of satellites. The circular interior lights reflected on each other and the large eastern wafer acting as its solar panel for flight.

Beyond the base of New Zealand, Sarah finds beauty in symmetry and lines designed for more than pure utility. Gant's Hill Underground Station is a familiar stop for residents of Ilford on the outer reaches of East London. For Sarah, this is another opportunity to capture patterns on the ground before taking to the sky.

Gants Hill Underground Station by Sarah C on Foundation

Now let's skip across to Tokyo where we see a bridge twisted into an oculus gently holding an upended parallelogram to it's north and south. A subdued palette is gifted by a dusting of clouds.

"Let Me Dance was made of part of a pedestrian bridge on Odaiba Island Tokyo, looking upwards where beautiful soft textured cirrus filtered the late afternoon sun." Sarah C.
Let Me Dance by Sarah C on Foundation

The destination of Bling is left unspoken. The centered, Ethereum-like object reflecting back at us and revealing a little more of its architecture inside the gem.

Bling by Sarah C on Foundation

Perhaps most striking with Sarah's collection is how it evokes the world of possibility and global connection we all got used to before the pandemic took away our last minute carefree flight lives. Through her collection we get to relive the exhilaration of city stopovers that are beginning to return.

Convergence I, II and III by Sarah C on Foundation

You can follow SarahC on Twitter and even quietly absorb a few untouched Antartica icebergs from the Western Peninsula over on OpenSea.

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