Young Talent

Young Talent
Self Discovery #11 by Austine on OpenSea

Young talent has an artistic advantage with in the NFT era, because collectors get to follow your journey from the earliest, most formative moments. When you discover an artist like Austine is dropping mint bombs one artwork after another at age 19, you take a second...then a third look.

Wrong Territory by Austine on Foundation

Early this year, Austine lost her gear and couldn't shoot portraits anymore. Without having the means to replace the gear and a desire to keep creating she decided to upskill in 3D using Blender.

"The thought that I can create whatever idea comes to mind is absolutely mind-blowing. It's been only three months since I picked up 3D and I've loved every minute of it. I'm happy with where I'm headed wherever that is!" says Austine.
Self Discovery #14 by Austine on OpenSea

The scenes across the self discovery series and Foundation collection centres on dark, watery surroundings. Imagined moments are created placing us in the scene.

"Right time, right place, right people equals success." says Austine.

With your entire twenties ahead of you and the blockchain to craft your art on, there's are going to be so many right times, right places and right people for you cheering you on.

Austine on Foundation

Self Discovery by Austine on OpenSea

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