Under Alien Skies

Under Alien Skies
Lights over Water by LCityScapes on OpenSea marketplace

The skies are ours, yet when we see them glow anything buts reds, yellows and blues... we say they belong to someone else. Mother Nature delivered the true rares with the Northern Lights and that is the sky that LCityScapes has made the subject of this collection of 10 photographs.

"I missed it once, but this time I need to see it. Those were my thoughts as I was embarking for a new trip to Iceland, with the aim of capturing what was until then an elusive dream: the Northern Lights." LCityscapes.

Mihai, fine art photography

Land, city and nightscape photography beyond what the eyes can see.

LCityscapes is one of the few artists selected by the highly curated photo NFT platform Sloika. It is possible to discover this even on OpenSea by delving into the contract address details. Sloika has much to offer photographers. It is a curated opportunity.

Under Alien Skies collection by LCityScapes on Sloika marketplace

The marketplace considers how the photograph is experienced by potential collectors. There is light and dark mode...and a contact sheet to keep browsing. Purchasing is a scroll away but is not the main event.

Sloika fixes the 'inventory' approach of NFT marketplace 1.0's like OpenSea. It also adds well needed trait properties such as 1/1 / editions and which rights to the photo a collector receives.

We know many collectors like artists to care about how their art is presented on the blockchain so Sloika is doing a good service for creators (apply for Sloika). We also know some do not care one bit :)

Back to the art.

The Monument by LCityscapes on Sloika

Monument shows that the green aurora isn't moving above without regard for the terrain below. It is possible to make out a shrouded triangle piercing through the green as if the mountainous terroir has some control over its atmospheric partner.

There is a hint of our human presence in the distant glow of a community at the base of the hills. A house lies to the east balancing a much older stone formation to the west. These three points create a kind of natural balance that keep nudging our eyes to the show above.

"Each piece of this series captures that eerie feeling of standing under a G2 class solar flare, at the shores of the Atlantic, in the middle of a winter night. Each of them reveals a landscape lit by the Aurora, in which different moments in time blend together to create a bridge between reality and imagination." LCityscapes.

While it is not possible to buy the collection just yet... you can be well prepared for the launch on March 10th 2022.

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