The Renaissance Is Back

The Renaissance Is Back
OG Poker Night by Art Banditz GC on OpenSea

Baroque is a kind of painting…so how can it be a kind of photography? The answer bends towards possibility when you raise your head towards the painterly world that the artist CG harks back to.

Award Collection #5 - by Art Banditz x CG

Rembrandt, Caravaggio and Rubens are the masters we remember from Art History class when a CG is displayed in our eth wallet. They’re almost too good for OpenSea…but isn’t that the point? Make art enjoyable for all?

Claudiu's OpenSea bio

CG is approachably fun in the Discord for someone so accomplished in the pages of photography magazines you’ll know too well.

CG is from ethereum….or as we say IRL, CG has a ‘meat-body’ home of Romania, where he’s earnt the kinds of awards that few get invited to be considered for. Fine Art Photographer of the Year in 2020 is applause from the old world…and now he’s jumped ship into the new world of eth... and is already de-genning hard.

Welcome ArtBanditz!

Do such magnificient photographs need rare traits?

Of course not… yet there are traits…

Bronze gets you whitelist on the next drop.

Silver gets you an airdrop thrown in too.

Gold? Double those airdrops.

Diamond and Emerald - there's one of each...but you're too late.

Rembrandt would be envious at the games going on here for collectors and flipper alike to crunch the creative impulses on.

So now you know. The renaissance is back and it’s bringing its heaviest lens based hitter… Fine Art CG.

Be Light by Art Banditz x GC on OpenSea

Look at the crispness of these lines. Sooo crisp. I love the simplicity in shots that dance with the light and little else (so it sits in my wallet). It has all the feels of black and white photography where colour doesn't distract from the dapply light.

Of course, I'm not anti-colour, and here's one of GC's more colourful compositions that hints at a helping of Magritte's bowler hat joy....just so you can nod your head hard in agreement that colour is good.

Apple Man by Art Banditz X GC on OpenSea

As we say in NFT's...Lets goooo…. (without having to go to any gallery).

Any of these portraits could be hanging in the echelons of SuperRare's vaulted galleries, yet I have a feeling that GC likes to keep it real down to earth on the floorboards of his studio.

OG Poker Night by Art Banditz GC on OpenSea

The expressions... the expressions he elicits from the photographed talent is yet another aspect of enjoyment in the collection.

Go and enjoy the 54 photographs in the collection that might even represent something of a deck of cards with a couple of jokers thrown in.

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