Surreal Worlds

Surreal Worlds
Waterworld #49 "Victory" WAGMI by Xose Casal

Being able to look at a photograph and say 'that's a Casal' is something you'll be able to do, after taking in two or three of his artworks. Mixing facts and fantasy, the blue-y grey patina re-imagines what we expect to find at the waters edge. If NFT's are a pathway down the rabbit hole, Waterworld is a wonderland  destination you'll discover along the way.

"'Waterworld' is in turn an exercise in photographic solitude, whispers and silences." says Xose Casal.... "It is my personal approach to long exposure photography, where I seek a dialogue between the real and unreal, with easily recognizable objects, product of human activity, situated in a dreamy environment."

The collection blurs away high shutter speed details. The sky and sea blend into one at the horizon of #59, shallowing out the depth of field. The boats partly submerged hull asking us 'why am I underwater?'

Waterworld #59 by Xose Casal on OpenSea marketplace

Xose's most viewed artworks are #5, #41 and #9. The contrasting rust color of the fishing net in #9 and the reflected drift of the clouds focusses our eyes on this otherworldly creature. Waterworld #5 and Waterworld #41 contain a Dali-esque quality where Winnie the Pooh is the king and a carousel pony can take you anywhere. All you have to do is believe.

Waterworld Collection by Xose Casal on OpenSea

Over on Foundation, the surreal scene comes alive with the robots of our youth...Stormtroopers! Xose introduces us to the leisurely life of Startroopers, when their galactic soldiering duties are done.

Trooperscapes #3 FCK The Empire by Xose Casal on OpenSea

The result is humourous and I love it!

"Since I was a child I have had a fixation the the Stormtroopers. In fact they were and still are my favourite Star Wars character, and I always have wonder how their private life is." says Xose.

Go and enjoy the plumes of smoke of Trooperscapes #3 as he stands Homer Simpson like in the ethereal world that is Xose's digital canvas.

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