Lifeguard by Yusuf Qureshi on OpenSea marketplace

Yusuf Qureshi - Marine Scientist & Photographer: nightscapes in NZ

"There's something about the feeling of peace and serenity you get being under the stars." says Yusuf Qureshi.

Yusuf began his journey in NFT's back in July 2021 having minted Stargazer at 10:16pm on July 31st 2021. Then Foundation went dark... for three weeks until a bid price of 0.1 eth was set. Sometimes gas gets in the way of the creative muse...and sometimes we need a little more time to be sure of our direction in the Metaverse.

Stargazer by Yusuf Qureshi on Foundation marketplace

The very notion that we're immensely microscopic in the great expanse of the stars may help us experience each very moment in the present. We watch in awe as a Star Trek actor reaches the beyond the stratosphere thanks to real book sales. Yet those book sales took place in a virtual global store, making it possible that maybe the Metaverse that comes next isn't that hard to believe in after all.

Open Skies

Since then Yusuf has gotten busy broadening his horizons minting more on OpenSea. A dual marketplace approach is a great way to enter the digital art space with a genesis 1/1 on Foundation and a broader collection on OpenSea.

You'll get found by collectors who only view either OpenSea or Foundation. OpenSea can be a good lead into a more special 1/1 that you've listed on Foundation like Yusuf has.

Yusuf Qureshi is capturing the night from New Zealand and releasing it to the world on OpenSea

My favourite of the collection, mirrors my own fascination with climbing to the summit, particularly when there's a Geodetic Marker placed at the top.

Stellar Selfie - Astro Dreaming by Yusuf Qureshi on OpenSea marketplace
"I've been to this spot three times now, each time I've seen it differently as my experience and skills as a photographer have increased. This photo represents how far I've come since my first time shooting nightscapes." says Yusuf.

This collection is a set of 9 1/1 shots taken over two years as Yusuf honed his photography skills through his passion for astrophotography. The reward of sharing our creative journey as artists is there for everyone to see on OpenSea... even if we're always hoping a few more eyes would see what we've created.  

Yet if you prefer the genesis of an artist, then Stargazer is for you because it's now available to bid on.

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