Seize the memes

Seize the memes
SeizeJPGS - Series One Card 2 

Seize the memes is the genesis card collection of Punk6529. Like RarePepe cards except for a whole new cultural era. The first three cards feature the art of @6529er and in future collections potentially your art (fill out the form).

"The Memes Collection is focused on the fight for the open metaverse (decentralization, community, self-sovereignty) and spreading this message. Β We want many people, many wallets spreading this message." Punk6529.

The first three Seize the memes cards are available for 0.06529 to selected groups that were allowlisted (whitelisted) over the last few weeks.

MintFace Allowlist

MintFace was fortunate to receive an allocation to add to the allowlist. Members of the MintFace community are eligible in a number of ways including:

These groups are automatically allowlisted for one of the three cards. If you are in multiple groups, you can pick up two or even three cards.

Congratulations on being such an active part of the MintFace community!

2nd Chance Draw

In case you didn't make it on to the allowlist, that is ok. There are always more opportunities in NFT land. For this particular set of memes, I allocated four sets for MintFace readers who subscribe.

If you would like to receive a 6529 Meme, send me a DM on Twitter to @mintfaced with:

  1. Choose one of the three memes, UncleSeize, SeizeJPGs or 6529Seizing.
  2. Wallet address

You will be added to the allow list for one of the 12 6529 meme cards. First in first served. Once they run out, they are out.

The Art

Uncle Seize
Meme 1 - Card 3 Β 

Once again, 6529er has outdone himself. UncleSeize is a riff off
Lord Kitchener's "I want you" Recruitment Poster printed in 1914.

The American government then adopted it and Americanized it for their own war recruitment efforts. Uncle Sam is the national personification of the United States and sometimes more specifically of the American government.

Now here we are with a third iteration for a different kind of recruitment, the joining of the third revolution of the web. In place of the U.S. Army, Memes of Production is overlaid. Where the white star on blue background once was, a 6529 logo appears.

The message is clear, there are memes of production to be seized and by reading the broader literature on the goals of om, critical population mass is around 100 million frens.

I will let you read up on card two and card one on your own so as to not spoil the surprise.

LFFFMeme!!! πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€