Own World

Own World
A Muse In Her Feelings by Ayla El-Moussa on NiftyGateway

Ayla combines three visual elements into an unexpected visual symphony that captures the essence of nature and the female form. The force of the ocean waves are faced full frontal by Ayla in Bodyscape, a three-part series exploring the ocean as a metaphor for the unconscious mind. The sand dunes of Bodyscape II match the form of the inbound crashing wave, as if they were meant for each other; a theme played upon later in 'A Muse In Her Feelings.'

Ayla El-Moussa

I am my own muse, creating a visual philosophy.

Bodyscape Series by Ayla El-Moussa on Foundation marketplace
"I’m not a photographer - I’m not a model - I’m not a videographer - I’m a hybrid of all these & I don’t just fall under one category… but the world I am creating is a category of it own." says Ayla El-Moussa.

Ayla already had a substantial audience for the world she was creating on Instagram, with Bodyscape III amassing over 2 million views. She began to mint her art on Foundation on March 21st 2021.

Her largest series so far is titled Nude Pixels where the closer you look, the less you see. In each Nude Pixel, Ayla strikes a new silhouette on a skin coloured background. I love how much personality is possible in the most minimal of pixels. The Cover Girl vibes of Nude Pixels #039, the direct to camera pose of Nude Pixels #032 and the dancing Nude Pixels #038.

Interestingly, none of the poses from Ayla's 1/1s on Foundation or SuperRare can be found in the Nude Pixels series, although there is a second series worth exploring in Nude Pixels in Nature. The Nude Pixels series launched almost five years after her content license agreement with art.com. Ayla's vision for her art preceeded the technology and in 2021 we are seeing that vision begin to come to life.

Force of Nature

Force of Nature brings together the visual elements that symbolise Ayla's work in a new way and was minted on October 25th 2021. The power of the ocean waves move inwards and flow throughout the canvas Ayla has formed from her own powerful figure.

'The forces of nature can be as subtle as a cool afternoon breeze or as powerful and unparalleled as hurricanes and volcanic eruptions. This piece speaks to the notion that we have those same forces of nature living within us, and we need only to empty our minds and connect with the source to realize our full potential.' says Ayla.

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