One of One

One of One
New York City Financial District by Abi Daker.

One of one means there's one artwork and one owner. Simple. When you purchase the artwork, you get to be the only person on the planet that decides what happens to it next. You might decide to:

Hang it on your Digital Wall at home with a frame screen.

Add it to your Twitter tabs in Chrome with NameTag.

Resell it on an open marketplace like Opensea.

This week we again share an artist we like, a MintFace sale of note and a 1:1 artwork you might like to consider adding to your collection.

MintFace Artist Feature

Jeneva is a 3D artist with her work available across Rarible, Foundation (since April) and Showtime marketplaces. I discovered Jeneva recently through this tweet that resonated with how many of us feel when we put art into the world.

Jeneva has created a character called MDM.

"MDM symbolizes the fact that nothing is perfect and it is imperfections that make us who we are and create our individuality."

Jeneva's work apply a different treatment to MDM that, when placed side by side, shows the variations of who we are just beneath the surface.

MintFace Sale Feature

Abi Daker recently sold their first hand drawing of an aerial view of Venice on the Foundation marketplace. Abi hand draws each illustration in freehand line and shade illustration that is then converted into a digital artwork.

Abi has expanded on the series with every digital artwork including a large size printable file.

I've left the best until last. Abi Daker's work is featured on real currency. The £5  note in the United Kingdom includes his hand drawn view of Westminster and the Elizabeth Tower from the South Bank looking across Westminster Bridge.

The provenance and authenticity of his art makes his hand drawn St Paul's Cathedral work currently available on Foundation, even more hypnotising. Maybe it's just me though... after living in London for 8 years and walking to work past St Paul's Cathedral I have to see I'm a little biased.

MintFace Artwork Feature

Alejandro Cartagena is the artist of the series The 50 Carpoolers available on the Foundation marketplace. Carpoolers was done during one year, from 2011-2012 looking over a bridge on a highway. All the Carpoolers have been sold by Alejandro with some now available for resale on the secondary market.

"Humbled and thankful to all my collectors for changing my life in a beautiful way. You’ve empowered a committed artist to be free!" Alejandro Cartagena.

Alejandro feels a sense of responsibility to the art he puts into the digital art world and that is one reason why I'm keeping an eye on what Alejandro might create next.

If this article has made you curious about getting started with digital art, we also run the Digital Artist Economy workshop helping artists create their first digital art through a three week programme. Share it with an artist you'd like to see on an NFT marketplace.

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