Make Your Own MintCard

Make Your Own MintCard
Cryptophunks are having a Renaissance

There was a real energy to Phunk derivatives wen the CryptoPhunks v2 first launched in June 2021. Phunk derivatives are not a new thing... the phunk community have been adorning the art classics with left facing Phunks since time began.

There was a real creative energy to derivatives in 2021... and it felt like time to tap back in to the vibes in parallel with the launch of the minty green v3 Phunks.

"MintCards remix the art classics in a new phunky way... to tell a fresh story that reflects the times we now live in." MintFace

Here is the thread introducing MintCards and how you can create your own.


The entries so far are shown below. You can vote for your favorite CryptoPhunk v3 derivative by liking the artists tweet found in thread here.

If the community decides, the best will be minted in a limited run set of MintCards.

"Vitruvian v3 Phunk #5523" by @Graphicography_

Untitled by @AuPoopheadlemon 

'Smol Pharma' by Mentalist 420 (featuring Mentalists own v3 Phunk #3332)

Community Phillars by Mentalist 420 (featuring v3 Phunks 3332, 9762 and 313)

'The Winston Churchill Phunk' by Dao Bao
"A leader of Great Britain through World War 2, Churchill displayed some Phunk characteristics, even though he was an institutional leader and not someone who took it upon himself to liberate his own people from the despair of government. Still, for being brave, and dodging real bullets, I've phunked him." Dao Bao

Phreedom by Mentalist 420 (own 9755)

"Welcome to om" by mememaxis

"Mona Phunk," by Leonardo DA PHUNK She a SAVAGE! by DaoBao

"Phunking Hands," Albrecht Durer, 1508 by DaoBao

"The Ambassadors," by Phans Holbein the Phunker (1533) by DaoBao


The first cards are focussed on Renaissance art made phunky with the addition of v3 Cryptophunks.

The next series will also explore a new artistic beat... where everyone can participate.

How To Create A MintCard

Add your choice of @v3phunks then...

Select a renaissance CC0 scene (Art Institute Chicago or Raw Pixel are both good)
Add a minty border in color #84dcb2
Title your art with the Phunks font (download)

Here is the entire collection of V3 Phunks in a single image. The artwork is titled "10K Phunks v3" and gives the holder a loft in the 10k Residence.