Natural Fractals

Natural Fractals
Fractal Art Series- Birds #5 Splendid Wood Duck by Dhanya on Foundation marketplace

Fractal patterns are all around us because nature is made from fractal shapes. Look at those trees or the streams that meander towards the coastline, they are naturally occurring fractal patterns. Mountain ranges, clouds and of course, seashells are all fractals too. A fractal is simply a never ending pattern. Computers are good at creating them by repeating a simple process over and over in an ongoing feedback loop. What if we blended the natural world with synthetic fractals generated by algorithms?  That is the art practice we're exploring today through the eyes of Dhanya Ajith.

"In a world, where art is considered mostly as a physical entity , it’s my constant attempt to create a valuable identity for digital art.” says Dhanya.

Dhanya Ajith

Creating colorful abstracts and landscapes, taking inspiration from nature.

Dhanya has released eight artworks as NFTs so far in her Fractal Arts Series on birds. In bird #2, the rich, iridescent blues and greens of the peacocks' plume merge together and shine back at us, the way you'd expect from the shell of an abalone. The eyespots on the feathers, known as 'ocelli' are plucked out of the plume to float on the computer code created surface.

Fractal Art Series - Birds #2 Alluring Feathers on Foundation marketplace

Abstract art takes something we're familiar with and transforms it into the unfamiliar, while still preserving a connection between origin and abstraction. Tate Modern defines abstract art as 'art that does not attempt to represent an accurate depiction of a visual reality but instead use shapes, colours, forms and gestural marks to achieve its effect.' The computer may do the work, but Dhanya sets the parameters for the art to be generated from. The peacock maintains its character as it neck croons towards the viewer.

"I started fractal art series as an experiment to explore various art styles and absolutely loved the outcome." says Dhanya.

Dhanya started minting her art as NFTs in March 2021 and is generous at sharing her process as well as the final result.

The Resplendent Macaw abstracts a couple more standard deviations beyond the peacock, with the beak detaching and the eye marooned in a fractal curled up in an anti-clockwise direction. The ruby red feathers dominate the edges and its rainbow feathers now form a river like flow towards the centre of fractal formed landscape.

Fractal Art Series- Birds #3 Resplendent Macaw on Foundation marketplace
"'Resplendent Macaw' is the third in the fractal art series representing the vibrant parakeet of all. Scarlet Macaw is widely regarded as a bird full of energy and amazing personality making it the most popular parrot." says Dhanya.

Turkey, Owls and Kingfishers join the fractal family of birds making it possible to collect a pair or three for your on On Cyber gallery.

With five of Dhanya's first dozen minted artworks sold, she has already found collectors who appreciate the fractal shaping nature of her art. Unlike generative art that often feels clinical to the eye, there is a warmth conveyed through the birds, even as their plumes morph into other-worldly patterns.

Enjoy more from Dhanya's collection on the Foundation marketplace.

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