Fractals by Ununx

Fractals by Ununx
shades of gold #0 by Ununx minted on his own smart contract

Fractal Artist | Science Designer | Engineer

Shades of gold is a new collection of fractals by Ununx revealed live in om Art Show Four today with the live curation of shades of gold #5.

"Fractals are everywhere like a snowflake or branch. If you look at coastlines or soil that has been eroded by water, it is a fractal." Ununx

The shades of gold collection is different from Ununx's previous collection titled FRXCTALS which explored a wider range of outputs.

"Flame fractals are a different class that are more related to set geometry. Flame fractals are made iteratively solving mathematical equations to get the results you want. There are a wide variety of shades." Ununx

The creation of fractal art lies somewhere between the generative art minted via Art Blocks Curated and illustrations. 'You plan what you are going to do but the result might surprise you' says Ununx. Collectors prize Art Blocks Curated for varied, high quality output because the artist cannot cull pieces from the final set. The flip side with generative art like Ununx creates, is that he gets to decide the best pieces. "I get to plan, design and enter the parameters then play with the shading" says Ununx.

With the Shades of Gold collection there is an interplay between chaos and symmetry. The more chaotic artworks in the collection introduce more randomised shapes that would not normally be present in a typical fractal piece.

"I don't like telling people what to feel. Let it be open." Ununx
shades of gold #3 by ununx

MintFace favorite in the shades of gold collection is #3 for its appearance of a pseudo horizon that draws in the energy from above and below.

Branching of Neuronal Dendrites is featured in the Minted Book and the details in print are absolutely stunning.

Branching of Neuronal Dendrites by Ununx

You can view more of Ununx sold out FRXCTALS collection or pick up one of shades of gold before they are gone!

FRXCTALS collection by Ununx