Denatured Earth

Denatured Earth
Mangrove Forest - The Lungs of the Earth by Anil Prabhakar on Foundation marketplace

Anil T Prabhakar is a conservation photographer with his lenses firmly focussed on the natural world from above. Bleeding of Earth is a series of ten high resolution artworks where tuned up colour palette inhabits the contours of the land.

"It is my responsibility as an artist to be the voice for the voiceless and speak the truth through the artworks." says Anil.
Bleeding Of Earth - The Skull - Body 04 by Anil Prabhakar on Foundation marketplace
"The future is not real, it is an abstract. We tend to believe things that we can perceive through our senses. Faith as a concept that we often hypocritically apply to the satisfaction of our personal desires that we understand subjectively. Abstraction is the process of digging the mind into the layer of art and curiosity." says Anil.

Anil began the Bleeding of Earth series on July 11th 2021, and has released five in the series to date. Each artworks disorientates the familiar in a landscape through the use of colour. Fiery red beaches separate the water from the deforested land and old mine pits in the genesis of the series. Β 

Bleeding Earth 01 by Anil Prabhakar on Foundation marketplace
"I'm always trying to keep a 3rd person perspective in my conservation photographs. This is because, I don't want to take credit to those images that testify to the concept of GOD. A 3rd person who is always looking down, sometimes the creator, might be thinking about why this unwanted creature was created on earth. They are the reason for all the problems on earth." says Anil.

Bleeding of Earth - Body 02 is perhaps the most visually rewarding in terms of its ability to speak to the collection's topic. Basically, it looks cool!

Bleeding of Earth - Body 02 by Anil Prabhakar on Foundation marketplace

The most explicit message of destruction is felt in Bleeding of Earth - Body 03 through the presence of three yellow diggers going about their business of scarring the surrounding earth.

"I don't want these images represent a particular area or a country or a region, I want these images to represent as a global perspective. You can see these kind deforested area anywhere in the world." says Anil.
Bleeding of Earth - Body 03 by Anil Prabhakar on Foundation marketplace

Series works are often best displayed in pairs or threes and these high resolution NFT are OnCyber gallery ready. We can see what is at stake by walking through The Wildlife Collective OnCyber gallery.

The Wildlife Collective OnCyber Gallery 

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