Collecting beautiful art is only half the fun. The second half is displaying your collection and Deca is a platform that does for 2D art display what OnCyber does for 3D display.

Disk by Mark Knol are the 'Fidenzas' of generative art on the Tezos blockchain

Before we get into 2D curation environments, a refresher. We have already talked about the immersive environments offered by OnCyber. If you haven't explored the 6529 Fund SZN1 or 6529 Museum, take an hour out of your weekend and go adventuring.

Creating your own OnCyber space is the ultimate empowerment move for artists of the digital echelon. Your art. Your space.

Why Choose A 3D Art Space

Immersion experience beats an OpenSea thumbnail.
Signal sale success. A sold out OnCyber Gallery says something.
Curate yourself. Your collection is more see as a sum of its parts.
Curate and show a group of collaboration of artists with a similar style.
Free your art from Tezos and the blockchain friction some collectors perceive there.

But 3D art spaces have a drawback... they are explorative centric by their nature. 3D don't display text curation notes that well yet and they mostly require you to own the NFTs to begin with.

2D Deca Boards

Deca's genius is in its minimalism giving art curation the most simplest sheet of digital paper to begin. Imagine all the visual noise of the marketplace environment removed, in favour of the art and only the art. That is what Deca did and here is the result.

Keiko Kitahara on Deca 

I created a collection of Guy Norcal's Seasons to label each season and to show the similarities across seasons. The visual effect is more pronounced than viewing art collected on a marketplace alone.

MintFace collection of Seasons by Norcal Guy

Doesn't OpenSea already do this with a few fancy filters? Almost. I could filter by one artist, but not across multiple artists. Here is the work of Korbinian Vogt, except I only wanted to show three of his, and it doesn't show three sensual artworks by Dom Baker, Art Banditz and Soulcraft that I wanted to see together.

Deca solves this by creating the 2D canvas to introduce, compare and contrasts artists and art you believe goes together. Now we are looking at the full picture with only the necessary Korbinian images showing and a new art introduced in a way that also considers relative placement in the collection.

MintFace Sensual gallery on Deca

Do we really need this? Yes. It is a glaring omission across all marketplaces. A place to show a group of artworks in a context that makes the sum more meaningful than its parts. Deca showed up just in time.

MintFace Tezos Deca Art Gallery

It is so beautiful to enjoy the art without distraction. "Isn't this just like Instagram without all the Instagram follow for a follow stuff?" Yes, at least at the moment. However just like Foundation and SuperRare there is follower count is already set to shape the network effects of collectors and their art.

So what should you do? Experiment. Start placing your art in a Deca gallery. This applies to collectors and artists. You can even daydream about how your collection might look by curating from other artwork owned by other collectors.

Here is a collection of Fidenzas that I quite like because they bring out the background colors of the minimalist Fidenzas instead of focussing on the more iconic Luxe trait.

MintFace minimalist Fidenzas on Deca Gallery 5

If you start to get a little addicted to the curation process like MintFace does... then enter a Deca board in the competition they have running.

Platforms tend to reward use in Web3.0 and I expect Deca to be no different. Already they reward you with a free NFT +gas for completing a few simple onboarding tasks.

Missing Features

All new platforms miss things we would like. I would like to see the following features added:

  • View artist name while curation a Deca board because I have forgetten many!
  • Removes art already added to Deca so you don't double select a piece.
  • Side by side mode to remove scrolling up and down for large collections.
  • Not all Tezo artwork appeared availabel to choose.
  • Remove flashing meta pending graphics where art isn't loading.
  • Autosave feature.
  • An About Page!


New platforms often are misunderstood until people begin to use them. Once art starts to show up in new way thanks to the curation tastes of many of us, strange and exciting things begin to happen beyond the draw that marketplaces currently have on our attention.

What will this all mean? It is too early to tell. What I can say is that Deca is the best 2D curation scratch pad available right now to drag and drop your collection into new and exciting forms.

LFFFFDeca!!! πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€