Seize and Share

Seize and Share

The genesis meme of Punk6529 has been seized, sharded and shared across 176 individual artworks. Now we need your help to reassemble him in the open metaverse.

Seize and Share by MintFace 

Seize and Share is both a homage to XCOPY Right Click Share and a project of collaboration for all of us in the open metaverse (om).

Deadline is set for the great reveal on 31st December 2022.

There are 176 individual artworks.

Each represents a 500x500 pixel of the Punk6529Seizing Card.

Why should I get a Seize and Share?
Because experimenting with new art forms is fun. You will get to place your pixel(s) in a place yet to be revealed in om for everyone to see that you helped bring 6529Seizing to life in the open metaverse.

How many pixels of each color are there?
Some pixels are rarer than others, that is obvious. Unlike XCOPY Right Click Share, each pixel is numbered so you know the location of your pixel within the overall artwork.

Seize and Share pixel colors
Vantablack: 68
St Tropez: 45
Beard bronze: 38
Gunsmoke: 14
Submariner: 8
Crown of Charlemagne blue: 3

What is the utility?
You get to place your pixel in the open metaverse and see 6529Seizing come to life.

How much is a Seize and Share pixel?
Each pixel is 0.1 eth. There is no limit to how many you decide to buy for placement.

๐Ÿ’There are three pixels that will be auctioned or reasonable offers accepted.
๐Ÿ’There is one legendary pixel that will be auctioned with all funds going to 6529 as a thank you.


How did Punk6529Seizing get scrabbled?
Every so often an OnCyber portal opens up to the Web5th dimension on the way in to the open metaverse. That is ok... we can rebuidl him for Web3.0!

Does Punk6529 know MintFace is doing this?
No. It is entirely a project that I was inspired to create after seeing the innovation both Punk6529 and XCOPY brought to the NFT space in the last week.

Who Owns Punk6529

YugaLabs owns the collection after acquiring it from Yuga Labs. All punks including Punk6529 were then commercial rights for their punk.

Punk6529 decided to create the 6529Seizing card with his commercial rights and granted all of us permission to remix, transform and have fun with 6529Seizing under CC0 licence.

Seize and Share would not be possible without Punk6529 granting a permissive license such as CC0. Thank you ser! ๐Ÿ‘

Who Benefits from the Network Effects of Art

Permissive rights for art encourages creativity and the awareness it brings accrues value to the original token. The Seize and Share project puts eyes on 6529Seizing and the original art Punk6529. because token owners to create downstream value that accrues to their original asset.

"Seizing the memes is only half the fun. Remixing and sharing the memes completes the circle." MintFace
The original CryptoPunk #6529 artwork

Can anyone make a punk derivative?
No. You need permission from the punk owner who has commercial rights and the work must be substantially transformed from the original.

Can anyone make 6529Seizing derivatives?
Yes. 6529 and 6529er clearly made it their intention to 'dedicate any copyrights we might have in this work to the public domain worldwide under the Creative Commons CC0 1.0 license.

Do you need permission to make a 6529Seizing derivative?
No. 6529 and 6529er have already given the 6529Seizing meme card a CC0 1.0 license so the art is effectively in the public domain.

What can I make with the 6529Seizing meme?
Anything you want. My personal view is to make it significantly different from the original yet something that still reminds you of the original. A good test to ask yourself is "would someone confuse the original with the copy?" If the answer is yes, you probably have to remix your derivative a little moarr.

How to pick a pixel?
Pick a random one using a random number generator, collect the set of six colors, snipe a meme number, your lucky number or come up with your own way. View Seize and Share collection. Six rows of pixels are listed and available.

Seize and Share collection

LFFFFMeme!!! ๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€

Right Click Share collection by XCOPY

The Memes by 6529

Seize and Share collection by MintFace