om Art Show Timetable

om Art Show Timetable
Crypto Goddess by Ana Isabel, our very first artist to mint and reveal at the om Art Show on 24th April 2022.

The om Art Show gives your most precious art a stage to shine on and an audience to share it with.

Don't leave your most important new artworks to the luck of the algorithm.

The om Art Show + fresh mint reveal happens every Sunday 1pm PST.

Here are some of the previous om Art Show artists:

om Art Show Format

The show is 60-90 minutes long with a ~20 minute om-side chat with each featured artist hosted by MintFace.

Each artist mints and reveals a brand new artwork live in om. Collectors get their first opportunity to see the artwork in om and ask questions directly to the artist.

Art Collectors

We are currently hosting the art show in the Gradient Gallery in om.

To listen in, join the latest MintFace Twitter Spaces.

You can also ask questions in om chat.

Yes you are allowed to bid or buy during the art show!

Artist Preparation

Think about these areas which MintFace is likely to ask about:
- how you found NFTs (or how they found you!)
- your artist practice
- the artwork you are minting and revealing

Vibe is casual and informational, less hype and more story.

Be Invited

To receive an invitation to the show, add your details to the om Art Show waitlist.

Proof of om Show Attendance

After the show, a POAP is issued to attendees who wish to receive one. DM @mintfacess to ask for yours.

om Art Show Recording

You can listen to the artist chat as the Twitter Space is recorded.

om Artist Features

A selection of om Art Show artists may also be featured on the MintFace premium email newsletter. Subscribe here.

om Art Show

hosted by MintFace

Artist Application