NFT Aotearoa in NYC

NFT Aotearoa has successfully held two exhibitions in Auckland, New Zealand featuring the leading artists who mint their provenance on the blockchain.

The opportunity is now available to bring the NFT Aotearoa show concept and its featured artists to New York City.

NFT Aotearoa Artists on The Line in NYC

Artists who previously participated at NFT Aotearoa in 2022 or 2023 are eligible to be included in The Line Artist Showreel of the NFT Aotearoa in NYC exhibition featuring your art collection on The Line.

The The Line Artist Showreel will be played on a wall sized projector at the rear of the gallery. Attendees of the show will also be invited to explore The Line in VR goggles, with priority locations given to artists in the The Line Artist Showreel.

The three to five minute showreel will run continuously for the three days that NFT Aotearoa is exhibiting.

Who it is for

A maximum of 25 artists can have their art on The Line featured at NFT Aotearoa in NYC. Priority will be given to those in the order their application is received.

If you are unable to make the show in person, the The Line Artist Showreel is the most affordable way to participate at NFT Aotearoa in NYC.

If you are looking for an affordable way to say 'I exhibited at NFT NYC 2024' then this is it.

If you are looking to sell specific artworks at NFT NYC 2024, then please see Dom Baker about dedicated packages.

How The Line will be filmed

Where the virtual video films on The Line is up to MintFace to show the visually most interesting aspects of your Line, not any individual pieces.

If you include the words 'NFT Aotearoa in NYC' signage on a portion of your Line exhibition, the virtual video will focus there.

Getting specific artworks featured is outside the scope of The Line Artist Showreel. There are options to have specific artworks featured on dedicated digital screens at NFT Aotearoa NYC, provided by show organiser Dominique Baker.


The Line Artist Showreel is the most affordable package at $NZD133 per artist.

Payment is to be made directly to the show organiser directly.

100% of funds received are going towards the rental and gallery setup costs in New York.

MintFace or The Line are not receiving any funds.


The Line is providing the filming and editing of The Line Artist Showreel worth $3,000 free of charge. In return, The Line branding will be shown at the exhibition in NYC.


If the show is cancelled for any reason, no refunds will be made. Instead The Line Artist Showreel will be promoted via socials and the exhibition run virtually on Twitter Spaces at the participating artists on The Line.

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