MintFacePlace will be located in the open metaverse, known as om. There are many districts planned for om.

MintFacePlace will be located in the OG om district known as 6529 Museum District.

MintFace Place

MintFacePlace will be open for any to visit and enjoy, providing a home for three kinds of activities:

  1. Interviews and reviews of artists who mint their creativity.
  2. A home base for artists featured in the Minted book.
  3. A rooftop gallery space for artists launching new art collections.

So what are the MintPasses for?

MintPass Levels

A MintPass provides access to a series of 'by invitation only' floors. These invite only floors are needed because you will get access to the artists studio space AND see real work in progress (WIP) of your favorite artists.

There are five MintPass levels, each providing access to a floor high up in MintFace Place.

The art is a derivative of the 10k Project each with a special color representing its special access.

MintPass Levels


Collectors of the MintPass will be able to drop in to your favorite artists studio and see what they are working on or recent minted work.

What artists are on each floor? That is not disclosed until MintFace Place is open so it is up to you to decide which MintPass to get.

There are only 100 MintPasses for each level so artists can keep access to their studio manageable. Remember, it gets crowded with a lot of mfers and regulars hanging around!


MintPasses are a free mint +gas.