The MintFace Mintpass Origin Story

The MintFace Mintpass Origin Story

6 months ago I said something dumb.

Why is it dumb? It is a promise with no idea how to deliver. That creates a risk of breaking the promise. Rugs are stitched together on a sea of broken promises.

I was reminded by one of the MintFace community recently who remembered the tweet so put out a call for halp.

Fortunately, one of the NFT Digital Artist Economy alumni came to the rescue.

Matthew Hirschey is a giga-science brain from Duke University and began coding up a way to get all us MintFaces together in a JPEG.

You can view Matthew's collection on Foundation, and maybe get a glimpse of the concepts he is introducing you to.

Matthew Hirschey's first two collections on Foundation

Why MintFaces

From the beginning of NFT Twitter culture, the process of minting has been central to our community. It is what we do or decide not to do. "Are we minting this?" We ask each other 'wen mint' and then get to decide to be part of the project 'for the culture' ...or not.

Getting 'mintfaced' is something we have all experienced... when you just can't stop minting your favorite kind of art.

For Adam McBride, it is historical NFTs. The collection is almost endless.
For Punk6529, it is generative art. So much ArtBlocks.
For BatSoupYum, it is CryptoDickButts. Enuff said.
For MintFace it has turned out to be mostly rugs. 😂 def NFA.

Over the last year, MintFace has met many new NFT frens through Twitter and is truly grateful for the world and opportunities this has opened up.

MintFace MintPass

The MintFace Mintpass celebrates all of us getting mintfaced each and every day.

In 1/1 szn, in photography szn and in NFTs are ded szn. You have all been here, almost every day.

MintFace MintPass Utility

There is utility. You get access to virtual places and spaces that will not otherwise be available.

You have heard of art without utility. This NFT is utility without the art.

You don't get the art. That is right. The art will be sold separately, like the AA batteries in your favorite 80's action figure.

MintFace MintPass Price

It would seem silly to mint and sell your own pfp back to you (although we have seen sillier ideas in NFTs. RIP Kevin). We will not do that.

Instead, the MintFace MintPass will be free + gas. ⛽️.


Yes, you can decide whether it has utility worth paying for.

...and please, remember, do not buy it for the art. The art will be sold separately.

Wen Mint

Not yet. We are not ready.

There are 502 more MintFaces to find until there are 10,000 upstanding NFT Twitter community members following @mintfaced.

Remember this is not art, it is 100% pure utility.

Kind of like having your face on your drivers licence. You get to go places fast ;)

RT and tell your frens to follow @mintfaced and the rest will unfold.