The 10k Lofts Show

The 10k Lofts Show

The 10k Lofts Show is your opportunity to show us around your loft LIVE together with your frens. The show format is simple. G.F.S.

  • Share a Grail
  • Share a Fail
  • Share a Sale
10k Lofts Show lets you share your loft with 10k frens

You might use the show to feature your collecting credentials, share a laugh on a project that went to zero or be out here launching a brand new collection... or maybe a bit of all three.

Don't have a loft yet? That's ok. Here's how to get one.

4 Steps to move in to 10k Residence (5 mins):

  1. Pick up a 10k Project on OpenSea (🌈color, 🐼b&w or 🔷blueprint)
  2. Create a loft space with OnCyber.
  3. Add your 10K Project NFT to your loft wall.
  4. Move in to 10k Residence with desired floor and loft #

About 10k Lofts Show

The 10k Lofts Show is filmed lived every Friday 8pm PST.

To be featured on the show, tell us your loft floor and number the week before, because we will select for the next show a week ahead of time.

10K Residence

You can be a collector, an artist, both or neither to be featured on the show. As long as you have a loft in the 10K Residence you can be on the 10k Lofts Show.

Watching an short art film in 10k Theatre

The 10k Lofts Show is audio streamed live on Twitter Spaces and in the 10K Residence. To see the grail, fail and sale artworks, visit the 10K Residence powered by OnCyber.

Read more about 10K Lofts on Twitter